Inane ramblings which escaped my mind

Finding the Words

Upon entering Xiao En Centre, the receptionist greeted me and informed me that the deceased is in Hall 7. It seems like my embarrassing attempted to attend a non-existent funeral yesterday was well-remembered.

I pushed open the glass door leading to the “function” halls and started to look for the indicated hall. The eerie silence of death reminded me of the silence felt at the Killing Fields of Cambodia. I really don’t like the feeling.

I found the hall and the guy (presumably the son) sitting at the table asked, “Wong Sau Lin?”

So, I am at the correct place. I told him I am here on behalf of my aunt in Singapore and would like to hand over the pek kim (condolence money). After writing down the names and amount given, I cracked my brains for something to say and the only thing I manage to blurt out was, “My condolences”.

I refused the offer to view the deceased, offered my condolences once again and got myself out of there. I really don’t know what else to say to a person whose mother passed away for I know if it were to be my mom (choi choi choi), the grief would be something that cannot be expressed through words.


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