Inane ramblings which escaped my mind

The Summary of My Life

I think the reason to why I haven’t really been blogging is because I think my life is now revolved in a constant, stagnant cycle.If I were to blog everyday it’d be:


Sigh… changed media. Stupid cells overgrow themselves over the weekend again. Too much cells. Have to plate the cells for flow cytometry work.


PCR… woohoo! Bands!


ARGGGGHH!! SHIT! Stained stupid cells and acquired results does not telly with previous results


Repeat Wednesday. Emailed supervisor.


Repeat experiment as requested by supervisor


JOY!!! Break time! But went into lab to change cell culture media 😦


Did PCR twice cuz first results look funny.

Fought with a bloody fucker named ONG GHIM HOCK. Screw him… he’s an arsehole.

Why is it Monday already?!


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