Inane ramblings which escaped my mind


Money Problems

My student funds are running out…. I am constantly hearing:

Sad isn’t it… Why is money is a constant headache in a student’s life? Depressing =/


King of Anything

I just cannot understand why some of my friends hate this song…. I like it =S

KTM Station, Kluang

Ever since I could remember, my favorite breakfast as always been toast and half boiled eggs from the coffee shop at Kluang’s KTM station, now known as Kluang RailCoffee. The joy in having my toast and seeing the people boarding and disembarking the train while the station master blows his whistle to tell people to hurry up as the train is leaving soon.


Now, the quality of the toast has gone down and the price has gone up. I no longer go there anymore for my favorite breakfast but I still love the hussle bustle of it when I send my bro off to Singapore by train.

Recently, I have been worrying that KTMB will suddenly decide to renovate Kluang’s quaint little station. So I made it a point to bring all my cameras back to Kluang and made a little trip to the station with WeiHar before we leave for KL.


Surprisingly, there were many people with DSLR…. and it don’t look like Joey or ChouMin’s type of DSLR. It was those big and expensive looking ones with huge lens. I felt really out of place with my Kiev and Lx5 . But I met this nice indian man and he made me feel better by praising KievĀ  XD


Although I went around taking as many shots as I could, using Kiev but I felt that my eye for composition is still pretty weak. Which was why I took most of my photos with Lx5.



I am still a little disappointed with my pictures. Someday, when I have improved, I’ll go back again to do justice to my hometown’s historical landmark. Hopefully there won’t be any changes by then.



I wanted to make a photo collage of my friends cuz I used to admire those people I see in movies where they put up pictures of people they want to remember.

Finally, I dug out some cash to get the board and print the photos. It didn’t take very long for me to put up the pictures but it took forever to decide what pictures should I put up.

But after all the procrastination and hard work… *ta da!* It’s done

wall of shame

I am pretty proud of how it turned out but my friends are calling it the Wall of Shame *sobs*

Strangers, again…

Mun showed me this video. I was near tears at the end of it.

It’s not that I am trying to jinx a person’s relationship but I think what he said is pretty true.

Relationship goes through stages but it is what we do in those stages that counts in determining the growth of the relationship.

Something Borrowed

Went and watch Something Borrowed with ChiewYee, WeiHar and WanHee. When ChiewYee described the synopsis in the car I was like, “Har…. Why does it sound like My Best Friends Wedding?”. I was pretty reluctant about watching it.

Surprisingly, I was pretty amuse throughout the movie. And not because of the plot but because of the by play between the supporting roles in the show.

The hero, Dex (Colin Egglesfield) made me want to knock him for being indecisive even when Racheal (Ginnifer Goodwin) came front, requesting him to stop the wedding so they can be together. Darcy (Kate Hudson), she is a hoot…. I really cannot understand how can someone be good friends with her. I think the only character I really loved in this movie is Ethan (John Krasinski). He is just so sweet and witty. I cannot help myself for loving such an adorable role especially whrn he was so supportive towards Racheal’s love life with Dex despite the fact he love her too.

Love, Me

Perhaps I know death is coming…. I keep crying when I hear this song.

Icchi the Hamster ii

Icchi is now better… yay! His fur grew back except for that bald spot smack in the middle of his back. And for some reason his skin around that area is flaking. AiLi and Hock said that it must be due to my overly zealous application of Betadine =S


I guess from the way he squeals when AiLi and I apply the antiseptic, the skin was pretty raw. Poor Icchi. It has been almost two weeks worth of torture. At last, we have decided that he is well enough and there is no need for the antiseptic anymore. He is finally free.

But the poor thing now runs and hides under his wheel every time I open his cage door.

Decision Making

Dad’s just told me he wants to get me a DSLR for my 25th. Deep in my heart, I went, “YEAYYYYYYYYY….!!!”

I was always envious of my friends who have DSLRs. I really really wanted one. But after I calmed down and thought about it, I wonder if I really want to be one of the crowd. Everyone now has a DSLR… and I mean EVERYONE. It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry I see on the street/mall/park/convention/exhibition has a DSLR.

The 2nd question is, I am someone willing enough to cart around a DSLR on my outings? I really doubt that I’d like carting my camera around the mall… it seems so weird.

3rd questions, will I have the money to buy the lenses that I want? I am a macro person… I love taking food, flowers, animals etc. up-close and I’ll admit that I am not a very hardworking person to go around with my camera.

*sobs* guess I’ll just go for a digital compact


Icchi the Hamster

Some weeks ago, Icchi started to lose his fur around his cheeks.

I noticed it but I thought it was cuz he does not know how to drink water. Lolz. When Mun came to visit me, he was like,

Alamak!!! Your hammies fighting lah!

So, adhering to the words of an experience owner, I separated Icchi out from Ecchi (who is growing fatter day by day). But the fur refuses to grow back.

I went to Pet’s Lovers Centre, the Mines to ask and found out it was fungal infection. I started him on Betadine, an antiseptic.


The fur is now growing back!! But not before it spread to the back…. =S


ps: excuse the yellow look. I just doused him in iodine.