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Whattodowhattodowhattodo??!! This is the results of no family planning. Why didn’t I opted to separated the male and female hammie instead of lumping them together in one cage to save the hassle?

I need to give Ecchi and Icchi a lecture on abstinance.



I think I really need someone to stop me from buying more hamsters….

I am going to be very poor from just feeding them =S

House Pets

Recently, I have been getting a lot of hamsters. After giving Icchi his “freedom”, I thought that I’d like to dedicate a post to them. This way, I have something to remember them by.

I first got Icchi from Mun. He got sick and tired of rearing hammies, and he asked me to take in one of his male which don’t get along with the rest. This way he don’t have to take care to two cages.


I then bought Ecchi to accompany Icchi. The little guy was a well spent RM25. So far, he seems to be the tamest of all. And the most adored by all too, since he is rather easy-going.


After almost 6 months and I am confident with my hamster rearing skills, I went back for Moachi. For some reason, Moachi was not compatible with Ecchi. So far, she is the most aggressive and bad-tempered of all the hammies.

Just a week ago, I realised that my he is a she. I specifically told the sale assistant that I would like to get a male hamster. *sigh* Thank goodness they were staying in separate cages. I am not mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for baby hammies. Now I know why Ecchi was so busy humping her when we first put them together, I thought Ecchi was either gay or just to desperate.


This is my recent purchase, Kuachi. I decided to follow the theme, since all my hammies has names with the suffix, -chi. Plus, it fits his markings which resembles the sunflower seed shells.

Kuaci…. hmm… I think he hates me ‘cuz since the Moachi incident, I kept turning him over to ensure he is really a he. Everytime he sees my hand, he turns his back towards me. *sad*

This how Icchi is like now…. his right eye is swollen and we are not to sure what to do. In the end, we decided to let him go “free” and let him go into the wilds of UPM’s forest.


ps: kinda regretted I didn’t take more pictures of Icchi.

Icchi the Hamster ii

Icchi is now better… yay! His fur grew back except for that bald spot smack in the middle of his back. And for some reason his skin around that area is flaking. AiLi and Hock said that it must be due to my overly zealous application of Betadine =S


I guess from the way he squeals when AiLi and I apply the antiseptic, the skin was pretty raw. Poor Icchi. It has been almost two weeks worth of torture. At last, we have decided that he is well enough and there is no need for the antiseptic anymore. He is finally free.

But the poor thing now runs and hides under his wheel every time I open his cage door.

Icchi the Hamster

Some weeks ago, Icchi started to lose his fur around his cheeks.

I noticed it but I thought it was cuz he does not know how to drink water. Lolz. When Mun came to visit me, he was like,

Alamak!!! Your hammies fighting lah!

So, adhering to the words of an experience owner, I separated Icchi out from Ecchi (who is growing fatter day by day). But the fur refuses to grow back.

I went to Pet’s Lovers Centre, the Mines to ask and found out it was fungal infection. I started him on Betadine, an antiseptic.


The fur is now growing back!! But not before it spread to the back…. =S


ps: excuse the yellow look. I just doused him in iodine.

Ichi and Ecchi

I have inherited Mun’s hammie… He said he is too lazy to maintain so many cages so he decided to give us his only single male Winter White  to replace the male that we lost.

The funny part is, after almost a year… we now only realised that he is actually a she @.@

Seeing that she might be lonely, I decided to get her a companion.


So far they seem to get along other than the occasional squealing from Ecchi (the male) due to fright when stepped/approached by Ichi (the female)

Sigh… now I have two new roommates

Animals A to Z

While being trapped in a traffic jam on the way to IJN,  I asked my brother to name all the animals from A to Z. When we both got to N, neither of us could think of any animal that starts with the letter until Tim yelled out, “Naked Molerat!”. Does that count?? Plus, I can’t believe that it didn’t occur to me that Narwhal starts with a N…. We skipped U and X ‘cuz we really couldn’t think of any animals starting with those letters.

So, I went and google-d up for animals with the letter U and X. I found a National Geographic website. There is an animal with the letter U. It is an Uakari, a South American primate.

He looks like a human with big hairy body with a tiny red head. hehehe…. I never seen it before although I love to watch animal documentaries.

X was an animal from the Pisces family which I have never heard or seen before… Xiphactinus audax. Which is a pretty ugly looking fish.

But stating an animal’s scientific name for the game was a little OTT. So I decided to name the fish, X-ray tetra for the letter X…

But it was fun being with my brother in the car. We rarely see one another due to our educations. Driving with each other usually is where we catch up and just talk crap.

KL Bird Park

In our attempt to find a hummingbird for our group presentation, a bunch of us went to visit the KL Bird Park. Note that I still think that Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park would still be a much better park and would win the KL Bird Park with it’s hands behind it’s back but beggars (us) cannot be choosers.

After paying a hefty fee of RM15 (a MyKad promotion.. pffff) and obtaining our wrist tags, we went through the door.

The first thing I smelled was…. bird poop. Yuck! And I think I stepped on some too =S Plus, he humidity did not aid to endear the aroma to me. Of course there were bird, some that we know and some that we don’t know. Being a Malaysian bird park, they were proud to present our natural bird heritage, the kenyalang

There were parrots of course.

and kissing Lories


Erm… some of them needed to understand to concept of “get a room”


An albino crow.

There is also Kristin’s flamingoes…. I like they way they tuck their beaks and bright pink legs (see i fyou can spot the legs)

There were emus and ostrich too but I couldn’t get a good picture of them.

The bird park wouldn’t be a bird park without their birds of prey such as the eagle

I think this one is a falcon.

The owl is so cute, like ah pek.

It is rather sad to see such beautiful creatures in captive. But hey, its a bird park. What can I say. I guess they could have given a better illusion of  freedom to the visitors and birds. The place is an okay, acceptable and somewhat respectable bird park. However, a certain amount of maintainance is needed or in the future it is just a rundown bird park with nothing much to see. Where the bird are sickly and sad. I shudder that the thought. As it is, the railings are scattered with poop and are not cleaned. I forgot and accidentally put my arms down on them a few times 😦

But what I did noticed eventually (after getting use to the odor) was that the place was relatively serene. Despite being in the city center, I could not hear the hustle and bustle of busy KL. P Ah…. peace.erhaps, with more support from the public, the park will eventually be a beautiful, well-maintained oasis for all city dwellers.

ps: we didn’t find our little hummingbird but we did manage to find a human sized one

Dogathon ’09

I can’t believed that after 3 years in UPM, I have never been to this vet-fac hosted event. This year, I-by dragging my partner in crime, Kris- made it a point to go to Expo Hill for it.

I saw small dogs. Big dogs. Giant sized dogs. There were every type of breed imaginable there, some that I know while some… I had to ask the owners.

This also means I get to see my favorite Husky is there…. Yeay! (Kris got pretty sick of me taking only pictures of Huskies ‘tho).


Okay. Okay… the retrievers, the collies, the Scottish terrier, poodles, English terrier etc. were cute too. Hmm… come to think of it, I didn’t get to see a cockle spaniel.

Today is their (the dogs) day. Everything that was planned was for them, including the games and the  goody bags.

Even the pictures being take are of them. The animal known as human is not a priority for picture taking today.

Too bad the weather was so hot. Most of the dogs are panting like mad.


This year’s theme for Dogathon was Carnival but there really isn’t much of a carnival feel to it, other than the name of the games and pinstriped tents. I did get to see a clown dog ‘tho.

IMG_3307…. Ain’t he cute?

Although not many of the dogs’ owners followed the theme but there were many dogs in pretty/cool/adorable outfits.

Some wore slick looking shoes


Some were in dresses

And one was in traditional clothes


Some of the littler dogs were pushed around in prams ‘cuz according to one of the owners, its easier than carrying them around.


What is surprising is that many of these dogs’ owners are rather friendly people. They will talk to anyone about their dog. Telling us how old are they. If it the first time for them.  It is obvious to everyone that they are very proud of them and will be ever happy to help us gain their dogs attention if we wanted pictures of their dogs.

And of course, the dogs adores their masters.

But a ‘lil reminder, St Bernards drools like mad.


After seeing so many dogs…. I want one!! Maybe a collie. Since Kris booked the Siberian huskies already. *hmph*