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My only  desire now is to hide somewhere and read. I believe the greatest joy derives from a hot cup of green tea and a comfy place to read all the books that I have accumulated over the year.

Its sad so see how research has come between me and my joy.

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Fortnightly Nightmares

The boss has decided that it is crucial that we have  fortnightly Monday meetings with her ‘cuz everyone of us tries to avoid her *laughs*. This way she can keep track of us and our doings in the lab.

But it’s a pain to rush everything before the meetings, then spend sleepless Sunday nights worrying about the next morning’s presentation.

On top of that… you are shot down by her for doing crappy work  AND get still get yelled at for trying to defend the work *sigh*


How would you react if you know that person’s concern for you is fake?

Should I be gracious, smile and say, “Oh, I am fine. Thanks. Don’t worry. There is nothing wrong.”


Should I grunt, acknowledge the question and say, “Imma ok…”

I never know how to react to those concerned questions. Especially when I know he/she is faking it. Questions like those always make me feel like punching the wall… or anything else which is hard.

Kris suggested I should growl and harrummmpph… Hahaha…Maybe I should take that into consideration



Ern Yi

I remember Ern Yi msn-ed me one night to tell me that he wont a steak eating competition.

And the price ….*drum rolls*


That fellow ate a 2.34kg steak. But then again with his type of appetite… I don’t think I was that surprise.

I just realised that he made the papers when Ede tagged me in a post on FB.

Hahaha… come to think of it, I should ask him for the tickets so I can go since Kris and I planned to go backpacking there.


The room feels very lonely nowadays especially after Tien’s one week stay. Although I don’t really like roommates and that I sometimes feel like my private space was being invaded, it is actually nice to come back to someone.

Maybe it’s not a roommate thing but knowing there is someone whom you can come back and connect with. Someone I know that I can come back home to talk to about my problems. In fact, just talking about nonsense over dinner with Tien after a tiring day at lab is pretty comforting.

But who knows. One week is a short time. Perhaps after a long period, I ‘d might want to kill her instead of missing her presence like I do now *shrug*

Portable Devices

There is a very good reason why I am starting to hate technology…. admittedly, I think I’d die without my mobile phone.

I just got back from mamak. If you consider sitting at the table staring at all your friends while they play their PSP, iphones and mobile phones. Mamak use to be where everyone just sit and chill with their teh-o-ice limau and  maggie goreng. Conversations *gasp* we actually use to talk– about our day, our problems i.e. our supervisors and our research.

Nowadays, once everyone has settled and ordered, those portable devices pops out of everyone’s pocket. Conversation, I feel, is that its minimal and usually about the game they are currently playing.


After constantly having someone to text and talk to, I am suddenly at lost when there is no one to text to. Or to MSN to.

I am feeling rather antsy and keep on looking at my phone. Waiting for the message tone or the MSN icon to flash orange even though I know if it flashes or if the phone ring, it is not going to be the person that I am expecting.

This is such a stupid feeling. I know Ishouldn’t be feeling like this…it’s not good in the long run. I should do something about it…*frustrated* Maybe I should start by not repeating those Ten2Five songs over and over again.



Coming home drenched in rain to a half flooded living room ain’t my idea of fun. I glance at your door to find it firmly shut. Now I am furious. How can you be home and let the house get into such a situation?

You are always boasting how good you are and how many activities you joined. How great you are at being creative in order to get out of trouble. So could you tell me why am I stepping out of the rain and into puddles of water?

Its alright to live like a pig… la sam jiak la sam dua (literally means: eat dirty, grow up dirty) is your motto to life. Its not mine. I don’t mind dirty as long as you clean up. Problem is you don’t. Your excuse would be, “Let the girls do it” or “I don’t see the problem”. Or is it because it is not your problem?

Then again, if we clean up after you, its not like you bother try to maintain it. It’s always back to step zero after 2-3 days. If you were the one to do something as simple as mopping the floor, you go around tell everyone to not dirty it. Same as the toilets. So why don’t you respect us the same.


Got meself a new haircut!!! It cost a bomb due to all the treatments I requested.


Thank you WeiHar for teman-ing me there…like you hairdo.


I just realised how important a hairstyle is to boost one’s confident level.



My life as a grad student is probably the most uneventful of all grad students ‘cuz firstly, I have no labwork no fill my days like other grad students.  Yet, faithfully, I drag my sorry ass into the lab daily. On top of that, I am not making progress on the experimental plans and  journals still don’t make sense to me. *sigh*