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Hidden Expressions


Today I went to Pratheep’s dad’s funeral. It was then only I knew, the smiling, easygoing face is a mask he had to put on everyday in the lab to hide his troubles. I was even talking to him about the stresses of MY work just last week, not knowing the pain HE was going through. Yet, he was supportive and kind to me 😦 Now I feel that my worries are kinda insignificant compared to his.


Malaysia Technology Expo 2011

I spent my last Friday and Saturday hanging around KLCC for the Malaysia Technology Expo 2011.



Dr. Maha’s project (which is something that I am advancing) was  presented at the expo.


UPM’s Reseach Management Centre (RMC) made our project into a kit… which is kind of cool.


Sigh. It’s a good thing that the getting attention project is but as she said, “It’s very embarrassing to explain to people what you are doing and defending it”.


AT LEAST, she did the presenting part. All I need to do is just go for the remaining days and sit there answering questions passerby throw at me.

The questions are not too hard… they are the same questions that my parents/relatives/every single person is asking. I am really getting bored with repeating myself.


It’s odd how most of us postgrad would say our supervisor is our nightmare yet we’ll always have funny antidotes about them to share with our friends. And how touch we get when they are concern about us as much as we hate them stalking us through Facebook and spamming our emails.

But for my friend, it is a different story altogether. For the past semester, she has been trying to cope with her supervisor a.k.a IT’s, fickle behavior i.e.  a constant change of titles, materials and methods, specimens etc.  on top of IT’s fundless situation.

Instead of being grateful to her, IT told my friend that she is lazy and refuses to endorse her progress report (it’s a must to all postgrad especially those who are funded with GRF) saying that IT hates doing this type of things (Huh?!). Plus IT dropped the ultimatum for her to change supervisor or be terminated (Stupid supervisor. Ain’t the choice clear from that). So everyone told my friend to change supervisor… Duh.

Now my friend has found a much much better supervisor in Faculty of Biotechnology but unfortunately, my friend needs to get her progress report endorsed by IT and has to stay in her current lab while waiting for the transition. Cutting the long story short (because the monster did just to many horrendous things in between which are  not befitting of a supervisor not to mention a PhD holder), this morning my friend received her progress report. It was a “TM” i.e. tidak memuaskan. WTF. Does IT realised what a “TM” can do to a postgrad in UPM? I think not. After all, she likes to live in la la land.

I hate THAT person who made my friend cried the whole morning.

Moral of the Story: Never, NEVER judge a supervisor upon the first meeting. They may not be all sugar and spice and everything nice.

Life’s Prediction

Although some of it is different, but the graph has an eerie similarity to my week’s mood…

That’s Life

What I want……

And the fear that prevents me from taking it…