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Such a peaceful sunset. I wish that I have plenty of times like this to forget the world around me.



Kris and I decide suddenly that we’ll go on  a self arrange trip to Australia in 2013.

We havent decided where to go yet but Melbourne seems like a nice place to go. Was thinking if we should include Sydney in the itinery? I’d like to see the Sydney Opera House.

I know. I know. The world is going to end on 21st Dec 2012.

But hey, no one say that its wrong to be optimistic right?

So, I am going to Australia during late February/early March.

Provided that we’re still alive after 2012 and the world is still around. Oh yeah, plus, Australia is still around and not under the ocean somewhere.

Sg. Mengkibol

I was walking pass Sg. Mengkibol with YiChin, PingYi and Kris when I saw this man.


I cannot believe that there are people fishing for fishes in that smelly rubbish/sewage contaminated river.


Questions ran through my mind. Can they be eaten? Who would eat fishes caught from such a river?

I remember stories from teachers who grew up in Kluang, that Sg. Mengkibol was once a beautiful river with plenty of fishes for fishing. But looking at it now, I can’t picture it. There’s rubbish circulating in the river. People holding their noses as they scurried pass the river to get into town. Some just casually walk pass, ignoring the smell.

Having the bus stations, shops and malls near the river is not helping the river to stay clean. I wonder what MPKU is doing? Why aren’t they doing anything? Is there a need to use an electrical probe just to get the town council to be more aware of the situation?


It’s so human to demand a mile when they are given an inch. I doubt Mother Nature can give them those miles anymore. With only 3% of the drinkable water form earth’s 75% reserve. I wonder if we’ll die of thirst first or die from 2012.

The Birds

One day, a few children were let into a field full of beautiful birds.

“Go ahead a catch one,” they were told.

Excited, everyone ran in different directions to pursue the bird which caught their eyes. The birds seem tame, some  were easier to catch than others.

A little girl name Mary stood quietly at the side, wondering which bird she should catch. She then spotted a little, brown bird in the bush next to her.  She plotted and planned the bird’s capture.  Surprisingly, the bird came to her hand willingly and without much effort too.

Soon everyone managed to catch a bird each and everyone clustered eagerly together to show off their birds. The bird that Mary caught, despite it’s initial tameness, was pecking and scratching at her hand. Everyone advised her to let it go. Mary refuses. She said, “No, it is (the bird) what I wanted. It’ll soon know me better and will stop scratching.”

The pecking and scratching grew more vicious. Mary could no longer take it. Finally, she set the bird free from her bleeding hand. Despite it’s freedom, the brown bird continues it’s attack. No one knew why.

Mary’s friends helped her to choose and catch another bird. Gently but warily she carried the new bird in her hand. She is afraid that it’ll be like the little brown bird but she is not willing to let her dreams go…

ps: apologies for all the grammatical errors