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The Summary of My Life

I think the reason to why I haven’t really been blogging is because I think my life is now revolved in a constant, stagnant cycle.If I were to blog everyday it’d be:


Sigh… changed media. Stupid cells overgrow themselves over the weekend again. Too much cells. Have to plate the cells for flow cytometry work.


PCR… woohoo! Bands!


ARGGGGHH!! SHIT! Stained stupid cells and acquired results does not telly with previous results


Repeat Wednesday. Emailed supervisor.


Repeat experiment as requested by supervisor


JOY!!! Break time! But went into lab to change cell culture media ūüė¶


Did PCR twice cuz first results look funny.

Fought with a bloody fucker named ONG GHIM HOCK. Screw him… he’s an arsehole.

Why is it Monday already?!


Fortnightly Nightmares

The boss has decided that it is crucial that we have¬† fortnightly Monday meetings with her ‘cuz everyone of us tries to avoid her *laughs*. This way she can keep track of us and our doings in the lab.

But it’s a pain to rush everything before the meetings, then spend sleepless Sunday nights worrying about the next morning’s presentation.

On top of that… you are shot down by her for doing crappy work¬† AND get still get yelled at for trying to defend the work *sigh*

Money Problems

My student funds are running out…. I am constantly hearing:

Sad isn’t it… Why is money is a constant headache in a student’s life? Depressing =/


How would you react if you know that person’s concern for you is fake?

Should I be gracious, smile and say, “Oh, I am fine. Thanks. Don’t worry. There is nothing wrong.”


Should I grunt, acknowledge the question and say, “Imma ok…”

I never know how to react to those concerned questions. Especially when I know he/she is faking it. Questions like those always make me feel like punching the wall… or anything else which is hard.

Kris suggested I should growl and harrummmpph… Hahaha…Maybe I should take that into consideration



Just Another Average Day

I realised that after I start my Masters’ programme, everyone will ask me this two common questions first: So, what are you studying? Or Wah!! Masters’ arh? When are you going to gradute?

I don’t know why is it such are big deal. Even my parents are constantly asking for my masters’ research progress. Heck, even my lecturer/supervisor don’t ask me about it that often.

Doing a M.Sc. in Immunobiology is not my definition of fun. Interesting, yes. Fun, no. But it’s very stressful. There are times when I make mistakes that are costly. And I try to hide them from Dr while I try to solve them. But such mistakes always have a way to catch up with you, don’t they?

I found that out today.  I also found out that my Dr. is a very forgiving and understanding person. Damn, I am happy. I wished I had talked to her earlier. There were times when the stress level was so high that all I can think of is that starting to smoking just to damn my health doesnt sound so bad. In fact, I might get leukemia from all that nicotine. Then I can contribute samples to my own research!

But who is going to conduct the reseach while I am doing chemo? =.=”’

Perhaps, curling up with a book in bed while being MIA from lab for a week would be a much better option.


It’s been four days since my computer crashed. Four days without the internet. Without games or movies.

So I guess everyone can imagine how happy I was when Dell’s technician called.¬† But woe is me.. the stupid HDD has conked out on me.

Bye bye movies. Bye bye master’s data (journals, proposal draft, presentations etc.). Huhuhu.. the most sakit hati of all… MY PHOTOSSssss.



Coming home drenched in rain to a half flooded living room ain’t my idea of fun. I glance at your door to find it firmly shut. Now I am furious. How can you be home and let the house get into such a situation?

You are always boasting how good you are and how many activities you joined. How great you are at being creative in order to get out of trouble. So could you tell me why am I stepping out of the rain and into puddles of water?

Its alright to live like a pig… la sam jiak la sam dua (literally means: eat dirty, grow up dirty) is your motto to life. Its not mine. I don’t mind dirty as long as you clean up. Problem is you don’t. Your excuse would be, “Let the girls do it” or “I don’t see the problem”. Or is it because it is not your problem?

Then again, if we clean up after you, its not like you bother try to maintain it. It’s always back to step zero after 2-3 days. If you were the one to do something as simple as mopping the floor, you go around tell everyone to not dirty it. Same as the toilets. So why don’t you respect us the same.


sunsetAfter a grueling 2.5 hours drive from KL-Kluang. All I wanted to was fling myself arms wide on the bed.

When I reached home and see my house, “Damn! Forgot that my parents are renovation.” So instead of walking though the gates with my luggage, I ended up tripping over planks under the rain trying to drag my luggage in. And it didn’t help realising that there was NO ROOF at all! This means I was getting wet even while trying to open the door.

I was never keen on my parents renovating my childhood home. I feel as if I am losing the place I grew up in. I was upset that the parents are tearing up the garden for a new car porch but to add on a roof all the way to the front of the house? I am going to miss the view of Gunung Lambak from the living room where the sun comes pouring in.

My bro said, “It’s their home. Let them do what¬† they want.”

I am trying to but so far from what I have been hearing, I feel that the design is un-tasteful especially when it is coming from my dad, whom I always thought was a great designer. So I am withholding judgment until the whole thing is done.

In the meantime, I am still not sure whether  laugh or to cringe on the fact my dad wants a nude statue/wall craving of a nude woman in place of our house number.


I hate this. Why is it always like this? This has to be the last straw. I am not going to stick my head out and trouble others to help people I know. At the end of the day, I feel like an idiot ‘cuz people that try to help will just back out at my expenses.

There is no point in going out and help people. I don’t even want to go and eat sushi. I am broke as it is. It ‘cuz you wanted to go and follow your girlfriend to have it with us so I asked SiowWei to help us out with the sushi card. Now you don’t want to go ‘cuz you have to wait (WTF!). Then of course your girl would opt to stay with you. Then there was no real need for me to asked for the card was there? There was no need for me to go was there?

Thank you for ruining my day, you bastard.

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