Inane ramblings which escaped my mind



Imma excitedly countdown to the day I fly off to the land of the kiwi’s….Dumping all the research worries and cares behind.

Bye bye Malaysia! Bye bye Dr. Maha! Miss you all in the lab… so all of you no need to miss me! 😛

ps: I wonder if my postcard will reach Malaysia before or after me


The Summary of My Life

I think the reason to why I haven’t really been blogging is because I think my life is now revolved in a constant, stagnant cycle.If I were to blog everyday it’d be:


Sigh… changed media. Stupid cells overgrow themselves over the weekend again. Too much cells. Have to plate the cells for flow cytometry work.


PCR… woohoo! Bands!


ARGGGGHH!! SHIT! Stained stupid cells and acquired results does not telly with previous results


Repeat Wednesday. Emailed supervisor.


Repeat experiment as requested by supervisor


JOY!!! Break time! But went into lab to change cell culture media 😦


Did PCR twice cuz first results look funny.

Fought with a bloody fucker named ONG GHIM HOCK. Screw him… he’s an arsehole.

Why is it Monday already?!

Hidden Expressions


Today I went to Pratheep’s dad’s funeral. It was then only I knew, the smiling, easygoing face is a mask he had to put on everyday in the lab to hide his troubles. I was even talking to him about the stresses of MY work just last week, not knowing the pain HE was going through. Yet, he was supportive and kind to me 😦 Now I feel that my worries are kinda insignificant compared to his.

Finding the Words

Upon entering Xiao En Centre, the receptionist greeted me and informed me that the deceased is in Hall 7. It seems like my embarrassing attempted to attend a non-existent funeral yesterday was well-remembered.

I pushed open the glass door leading to the “function” halls and started to look for the indicated hall. The eerie silence of death reminded me of the silence felt at the Killing Fields of Cambodia. I really don’t like the feeling.

I found the hall and the guy (presumably the son) sitting at the table asked, “Wong Sau Lin?”

So, I am at the correct place. I told him I am here on behalf of my aunt in Singapore and would like to hand over the pek kim (condolence money). After writing down the names and amount given, I cracked my brains for something to say and the only thing I manage to blurt out was, “My condolences”.

I refused the offer to view the deceased, offered my condolences once again and got myself out of there. I really don’t know what else to say to a person whose mother passed away for I know if it were to be my mom (choi choi choi), the grief would be something that cannot be expressed through words.



Whattodowhattodowhattodo??!! This is the results of no family planning. Why didn’t I opted to separated the male and female hammie instead of lumping them together in one cage to save the hassle?

I need to give Ecchi and Icchi a lecture on abstinance.


I think I really need someone to stop me from buying more hamsters….

I am going to be very poor from just feeding them =S



Such a peaceful sunset. I wish that I have plenty of times like this to forget the world around me.

House Pets

Recently, I have been getting a lot of hamsters. After giving Icchi his “freedom”, I thought that I’d like to dedicate a post to them. This way, I have something to remember them by.

I first got Icchi from Mun. He got sick and tired of rearing hammies, and he asked me to take in one of his male which don’t get along with the rest. This way he don’t have to take care to two cages.


I then bought Ecchi to accompany Icchi. The little guy was a well spent RM25. So far, he seems to be the tamest of all. And the most adored by all too, since he is rather easy-going.


After almost 6 months and I am confident with my hamster rearing skills, I went back for Moachi. For some reason, Moachi was not compatible with Ecchi. So far, she is the most aggressive and bad-tempered of all the hammies.

Just a week ago, I realised that my he is a she. I specifically told the sale assistant that I would like to get a male hamster. *sigh* Thank goodness they were staying in separate cages. I am not mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for baby hammies. Now I know why Ecchi was so busy humping her when we first put them together, I thought Ecchi was either gay or just to desperate.


This is my recent purchase, Kuachi. I decided to follow the theme, since all my hammies has names with the suffix, -chi. Plus, it fits his markings which resembles the sunflower seed shells.

Kuaci…. hmm… I think he hates me ‘cuz since the Moachi incident, I kept turning him over to ensure he is really a he. Everytime he sees my hand, he turns his back towards me. *sad*

This how Icchi is like now…. his right eye is swollen and we are not to sure what to do. In the end, we decided to let him go “free” and let him go into the wilds of UPM’s forest.


ps: kinda regretted I didn’t take more pictures of Icchi.


My only  desire now is to hide somewhere and read. I believe the greatest joy derives from a hot cup of green tea and a comfy place to read all the books that I have accumulated over the year.

Its sad so see how research has come between me and my joy.

Picture taken from  here

Fortnightly Nightmares

The boss has decided that it is crucial that we have  fortnightly Monday meetings with her ‘cuz everyone of us tries to avoid her *laughs*. This way she can keep track of us and our doings in the lab.

But it’s a pain to rush everything before the meetings, then spend sleepless Sunday nights worrying about the next morning’s presentation.

On top of that… you are shot down by her for doing crappy work  AND get still get yelled at for trying to defend the work *sigh*